Project Haul Let’s Go!

What’s up ya’ll?

Time for a project haul!!! Wut?

I have been spending a ton of time up on Tumblr lately. My Pinterest addiction has officially shifted I think, but I am not sharing a ton of work as I feel a wee bit intimidated by internet people. So mostly re-tumbles which I know EVERYONE loves. Follow me if you please: the blackbird. Sometimes naked things happen there, it’s fun.

Vinyl Figures Don’t even get me started. I have this thing now, this desire to create a line of collectable vinyl figures. Most likely ironic. And Eyeballs. I have this eyeball fetish right now that is hard to kill.

Ink Ink Ink Forevs’ I have been hating what my drawings look like in ink format. Like so much of the energy is drained in the translation from pencil to ink. It’s weird. So I am experimenting to nail this inking shit down.


From left to right: pencil sketch, ink (india ink + 0 brush), ink + digital painting

Tried: ballpoint – don’ like.

Tried: alcohol markers of varying width- don’ like.

Tried: digital in Manga Studio, with Photoshop bits added in. Getting warm. I think there is room for exploration here, it’s just time intensive and kind of like pulling teeth as I already sit at the computer 10 hours a day anyway.

Tried: India Ink. Wut. Love India Ink, forgot about it.

Tried: Crow Quill with India Ink: oh jeez, wtf.

Tried: tiny brush with India Ink: LOVE IT!

Plus, that India Ink smell? Can’t beat it.

Hand Lettering I love hand lettering. I am totally hooked to the trend and want to do it all day long. I think starting a word of the day journal would be just the bee’s knees. Hey, bee’s have knees. What a great idea!

Shell Necklaces, shell crowns, shell wands, shell…. Not long ago I got a whole glass jar of teensy shells from the goodwill. I originally wanted to do some semi-gold plated dips and put rings on them, and I still think that is viable. But now I want to do crowns of some sort and wands and… I mean I have like 400 shells I need to get through.

Tea Sets So yeah, now I am collecting silver tea sets. Why? I DON’T KNOW. I have a sickness. I was trying to figure out why I was collecting them and have come to the following conclusions:

  1. They are stupid cheap at the Goodwill
  2. They are shiny and polish up really nice
  3. I may have faerie blood in me, and have a biologically driven need to have tea
  4. I like the flourish-y bits
  5. What else has flourish-y bits?
  6. Crowns

Tiny Hats Pretty sure I posted something here about tiny hats before, but know I feel validated as I just saw a hat made pretty much the way I made one and now I feel I can get back on track. This is what happened: I want a tiny hat like bad. But I don’t want a cheesy one meant for dolls. I want one worthy of my status of super rad individual. So I looked all over the interwebs for help and landed on a pattern for tiny hats on ETSY. She used a buckram base for her hat. I didn’t have buckram and wanted a hat RIGHT NOW so I decided to go the stiff card-board route as that is what I had available. (Pattern is awesome btw and I totally recommend it).

I pretty much followed her directions, using cardboard in place of buckram, tape in place of thread, and glued a stretchy velveteen over the form. It worked out pretty well, but it got put in the cold storage of my craft pile when it came time to move (which was like one year + ago).

I just got back from a trip to Disneyland of all places, and they had a small top hat there for sale. Totally made out of cardboard like mine, but a more flimsy stock. Plus it had darts to help the fabric shape (which I didn’t have but it totally makes sense). This little hat validated my decisions and has gotten me super excited to pick up the task again. Once I unpack in my new huge studio. Once the 1910 farmhouse is done. Which we bought a year + ago and proceeded to tear apart. So, yeah, any day now!!!

Molded Relief on Shields For some reason this seems like the most boring idea on this post, but it really isn’t! Really! So forever and ever my husband has wanted to do molded relief on his shield (he is super into history and Roman re-enactment) and I was at a loss as to how that is even possible. He insisted that it was a relatively common thing to do to shields at the time and showed me many examples, stating it was done with gesso. I just couldn’t wrap my head around this concept. How did it not just chip off the first time you bump something? How did it not just turn to dust and wipe off?

Got an answer on a Facebook post: gesso duro. Apparently it’s a mix of plaster of sorts and gesso binder, and they used to make molding for fancy picture frames and mirrors using this technique (now-a-days most of this fancy frame work is molded of machine cut).

So first thing to try is on a tiny buckler I made earlier. I am not going to base it on any historical finds, it will most like be in a Viking style of design. Then I will test to see how much damage it can take. Maybe, maybe it will be so purty I don’t wanna.


That’s it for now. Although as I type this I have all these other ideas brewing. But someone has JUST distracted me with the idea of a Ceaser Salad for dinner. So, bye!

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