Hoola Hoops and the Eternal Struggle

Beautiful Hoola Hoops from hoopsupplies.com

Yesterday Via and I made Hoola Hoops. And I have learned something about myself. Just now figured it out. After 35 years of being me.

Some people have thoughts like a hummingbird, flitting about their heads, never fully realized. I have hobbies like a hummingbird.

I jump from thing to thing to thing, leaving unfinished messes in my wake. I try to go back to those, but only after I meet my need for my latest interest. So yah, now it’s Hoola Hoops. Which I cant even do for pete’s sake, but I WILL NOT LET IT BEAT ME. NO. I WILL PREVAIL!

How to Hoola Hoop

Make your own Hoola Hoop

Epic Hoola Hoop Materials

I want to be this happy when I Hoola Hoop

Bellydance and Hoola Hoop? Yes!

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