The Yard Projects – Lemonbalm Lotion

Yep, the yard is on. Officially. I am bursting at the seams with lemon balm, honeysuckle blossoms, lavender and raspberries. It always amazes me that I have so little to do until a certain date, then BOOM, I have to do it all in one jam packed weekend so it doesn’t go bad.

The past two weekends I cooked up some Lemon Balm lotion – lemon balm being a good treatment for hot ailments, such as sunburns, rug burns, anything generating heat.I was lucky to have some ready made shea butter and aloe lotion on hand, so I just infused the lemon balm then took the infusion and cooked it with the lotion to bind lemon balm.


1. Macerate the lemon balm leaves and stems in the food processor.

2. Create an infusion with mash by pouring boiling water over mash. Let steep for 10 – 30 minutes.

3. Setup a double boiler. Measure equal parts lotion base to infusion. Warm lotion base first, then add infusion. Stir frequently, allow to slowly come to a simmer and then reduce heat. Heat for about 15 min, or until your lotion base comes to a thickness you like.

4. Pour warm lotion into containers, seal and allow to cool. I made about 5 smaller bottles (with plastic caps) worth, with enough to pop into a small jam jar. Be sure to use within a week once opened.

fancy labels, made my myself and my daughter!

fancy labels, made my myself and my daughter!

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