The Oddmall: Emporium of the Weird

I am applying to have a booth at the upcoming Oddmall : Emporium of the Weird craft festival and it sounds like a blast! I am thinking a few things are in order:

1. Small stuffed felted taxedermy-esqe heads. If I learned anything from my dragon hat experience, it’s that making heads of animals out of felt is awesome. And it would be even awesomer to make them tiny turn those into tiny mounted specimens you can wear around your neck.

2. I have been kicking around an idea lately for tin embossed plaques you see on bellydance belts. They are stupidly expensive to buy, and my husband is a metal worker, so why can’t I make some that are reasonable priced and cooler to look at?

3. Speaking of my husband, he made me a tiny chef knife necklace as a gift once. I can see meat cleavers and other weapons of cooking distruction working out as well. Perhaps I will grease the wheels of our relationship and get him to make some.

4. And some drawings and paintings of course… and some other bits I am sure to cook up. Like hats made from tiny stuffed animals.

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