The Steampunk Cossack Hussar Demolitionist

HussarI have been noodling around a Steampunk outfit for myself for a while now (ever since I read The Iron Duke, to be honest – Steampunk wasn’t super on my radar until then). I don’t really want the big bustle/dress rig (although the idea of a tiny hat is always good for me), it is just too restricting. And I want to try something non-british and maybe slightly outside of the traditional time period. And this is a made up genre anyway, so why not go hog wild? So this is me, going hog wild.

I am going to go for a cross between a Hussar and a Cossack steam punk attire. My back story: a mercenary/explorer for hire with a specialization in explosives. And a really, really long gun (that Dean is making for me).


I found a site – Cossack and Ukranian Gear – of the Polish Lithuanian Commonwealthfor a ton of great pattern references for Cossack gear. What I like in this style is the jacket with the sleeves you slide your arms out of, the billowy pants and the hats. Plus the guns and giant axe thing you prop your gun up on.


On the Hussar side – I like the jackets, embellishments and hats. So most likely, a mix of Hussar style embellishments with Cossack silhouette.

Check out my Pinterest board for more photo inspiration as I find it…

So far the goal for this getup is October for Steam Con out Seattle way. Oh and there is always a chance to show at least part of it for Gear Con in PDX. We will see what actually happens though. The coat will be the toughest part, I am debating purchasing a coat and modding it to work, or actually sewing one from scratch. Shirt, pants, hat all can be done by me with relative ease. I may even try shoes, if time permits.

Update link – another great site for reference.

Let’s part with a bit of Prof. Elemental to end this discussion:

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