And here are the final pieces for the Art Show – narrowed it down to 3 collages (non encaustic) and one unplanned for pencil portrait. These are not super great photos, I will rescan when I get a chance.




I went with a super muted palette for the tarot portraits, wanting to aim for the feel of illuminated manuscript, with a bit of witchery thrown in, thus the muted, more natural tones. I learned a whole lot in the process of these pieces – stumbling along the way many times (I restarted the Lovers portrait several times before I landed on a technique I liked). I did find out that laser printers print on tracing paper really well, and keep the line quality I am always aiming for. And that Copic markers look super nice on the reverse side of tracing paper.


The portrait piece was also a restart several times – I have 3 other portraits sitting in my pile now of things that will never see the light of day because I couldn’t get the shading quality I wanted with traditional charcoal pencils. I ended up settling on mechanical pencils with a smattering of charcoal to add darkness (mostly to her hair and dress).

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