In the Works

R-2 D-2 hat pattern. I feel bad about this one. My daughter wore it to the Portland Comic Con about 2 weeks ago, and I told people who asked about it to find the pattern on my blog. And look, it ‘aint here. But it’s almost done! I am just waiting to take some pictures and it will be posted.

Norwescon Bound. I have a lot of my energy focused towards NWcon right now. Art show entries still not ready, but good news is that I have narrowed down my medium to a point that I like it, so process just follows next (a few things learned – laser printer on tracing paper is awesome!). I am only going to do 3 of the collages, and have decided to add 2 pencil portraits of steampunk + cuthulu-esque detectives in arms. Or something like that.


Initial illustrator sketch of rainbow dragon hat

The Rainbow Dragon cosplay for my daughter is coming along. Skirt made. Hat in progress (this is he big stresser for me right now).

I want to get my husbands website up before we go, as he will be showing some of his metalwork at the con as well, so lets add that to the list too. Oh and business cards for me, and a use up of some ancient yaoi focused stickers I had printed up a while back. I think I will print out a sticker with a link towards this blog, and (in a very meta way) put a sticker on the back of a sticker.


Giant hammer will be included of course.

Draenei Paladin Cosplay. I have since moved onto Guild Wars, but I still think about the little cartoon universe that is WoW. I would LOVE to do a cosplay impression of a Draenei paladin in lightbringer gear. I dug up some great tutorials on making armor out of foam paper and I am super excited to start – once NWcon is over.

Get back to Kung Fu. I have put Kung Fu off for the month – I have so much to do and need to figure out how it fits in my schedule…

And some other stuff. Hopefully life will get back on schedule after the end of March. I just cleaned out my clay studio and am feeling a little itch to start up some clay projects again.

Spring is knocking on the door – I got out in the yard and kicked up some dust and pruned some things. I have a lot of planting to do, and would like to put in some large garden beds for carrots, cucumbers and maybe onions this year.

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