Sack Boy Pattern – in Progress

After seeing how many hits I have been getting on this pattern, I am going to go ahead and post it now, and label it “in development”.

I have sewn the whole dude about 3 times now and am still tweaking as I go:

  • I originally had a neck for him, but without some sort of support, his giant head was too floppy. Upon seeing a real Sackboy at Barnes and Noble and noting they didn’t have a neck for him either, I decided to cut out the neck piece and sew his head directly to the body.
  • I had broken the head into 6 portions, 2 long rectangles for the front/back of his head, 2 squares for the sides and another 2 for the top and bottom. After about 3 head constructions and trying to fit the mouth slit properly, I decided to ditch the panels and go with one long piece that had one seam for his whole head, and a top and bottom piece. This makes making the slit for his mouth much more forgiving.
  • The mouth is tricky. I suggest doing a few test heads until you find one you like. The pattern shows the eyes/mouth slit as a guide only. I landed on cutting a straight line across for the mouth, then sewing the inside of mouth to this slit (make sure you sew the tongue first). You can do some minor shaping with your fingers to make him look happy, or sad or angry or whatever. I sewed the mouth after I stuffed the head so I could cut directly into the stuffing to help reinforce the top and bottom of his mouth – his palate I suppose. It might be easier to sew the mouth in place before stuffing, let me know if you do and if it works!
  • In order to sculpt the little tummy you need to stuff him then stitch a little slightly arched stitch at the top of his tummy, then push the stuffing down towards his tummy in a round shape.
  • The legs are a little hard to attach in a nice, clean manner. I ended up pinching the open end together and doing a quick tack stitch to his body, then did a stitch like I was sewing on a little button. I suggest choosing a thread that matches your material in case your stitches come out sloppy (I am notorious for sloppy stitches).
  • I haven’t gotten to his zipper yet, so that isn’t in the pattern yet.

With that, here is the pattern I used!

2 Responses to “Sack Boy Pattern – in Progress”

  1. Brock Swann

    Did you finish the sackboy ever? I was hoping to see some pictures of the finished item. I’ve printed off your pattern and am about to get started on it.

    • t.diaz

      I haven’t quite finished him yet, but do have most of the pieces assembled. I will dig them out and shoot a couple of photos… the trickiest part is the hands, simply because of the size of the fingers, but they are also my favorite part because you can move the fingers! I only stuffed the palms and not the fingers, the bulk of the felt provides enough heft.


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