I want to put a polar bear on my head.

One day, this will be on my head.


Exhibit 1 – attack of the Christmas wreath. This is one of many. I have so many I keep them in a little container that gets stored in my attic. One even has a stuffed animal on it. Ye gods.

I have a sickness. It’s called “wreaths”. I mean really, who needs wreaths? They only sit around, collect dust on your walls and make your house LOOK FABULOUS!

You know who else loves wreaths? My Mom, that’s who. The fact I love wreaths now is funny, as when I was a child I would HATE going to the store to look for wreath bits. One of those “I hate this so much, I’m just gonna lay in the middle of the aisle making moaning noises” type of things. I’m sure there is some sort of poetic justice brewing here.

My wreath addiction has gotten so bad that I now want to make wreaths for my head. FOR MY HEAD! WHAT? I know. But look at this cool stuff I have to make wreaths for my head? Who needs a hat when you got some twigs and a little stuffed polar bear??


Exhibit 2 – this one hangs on my studio door and only sees the light of day on my front door during late summer


Exhibit 3 – made a billion years ago by myself and little woodland creatures

It’s a sickness.

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