On rebuilding ancient things

I have so many hobbies that often lead into dead end piles because they really serve no purpose but to entertain me. I think that really contributes to why I have so many projects going on at one time. That and I cant stop the ideas floating about my head.

When I met my husband (whom recreates historic replicas of ancient armor), I got pretty excited about using some of my creative skills to do historical recreations. Finally, a place to funnel my skills into usefulness! Thus my love to recreating historical things came to be.


I found this super cool website today (in French) with these adorable little line drawings of various ancient Roman things. Now I want to build a fully stocked kitchen, a whole new wardrobe, a logo for the ETSY store I want to build for my husband, and maybe a new instrument to go along with the whole kit.

jpg_Instruments_de_musique_-_Instrumenta_musica  jpg_La_cuisine_-_Culina jpg_La_maison_de_campagne_-_Villa_rustica   jpg_Vases_-_Supellex


2 Responses to “On rebuilding ancient things”

  1. Elinor

    Where did you find those images of Latin vocabulary? I’ve looked all over the site you linked (and I read French) but can’t seem to locate them.


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