Yes please, cheese and some other stuff

Whelp the holidays are just about wrapped up, and I have done at least 3 projects I didn’t think to take pictures of, so this post will be booooring (that is if you’re like me and skip the wordy stuff and head straight for the pictures).

  • I popped a whole load of things in the kiln today — a vessel based off of a greek pot that looks like a gravy boat, a clay mask with horns that fits my recent horn/deer/animal fetish (blame it on this site), my first stab at modeling the human face, based off of ancient greek sculpture, some teeny tiny amphora and a rams head rhyton (again, based off an ancient greek piece) that is more of a test piece due to a few execution errors.
  • I want to make cheese. Big rounds of salty cheese. But I would also settle for a nice cottage cheese. Cheese making stuff
  • I am itching to make some little cubby boxes for my bathroom vanity/medicine cabinet/mirror to stash our toiletries into. I want it made out of tulle and I want it now. I have tried crochet and knitting the tulle, but so far neither have yielded the results I want. Next is sewing it. I think I may sew plastic bags as a “batting” layer to provide some support.
  • We have some adorable little birds hanging out in our yard as of late — oregon junko, scrub jays and adorable little yellow bellied somethings (finch?). Via and I have decided to feed the little dudes (we got some tasty black shell sunfler seeds and shelled peanuts).This is a super fun site to learn about birds. Cornell Lab of Orinthology
  • Dean and I went to see The Hobbit and OMG BBQ I loved it! Fangirl wackiness aside (Thorin Oakenshield), I am in love with that song. I have been trying to map it out on my recorder, which gave me the idea to make an app out of this process to help me do things like this in the future.

I am tossing around the idea of doing a “drawing a dayish” thing, but these blog things take up a ton of time and I have to work to support my craft addiction, so we will see…

  • I have been accepted to the Norwes Con art show, so now I need to get to work on cooking up some pieces. Encaustic, drawing and collage I think will be my focus, just need an idea for an overarching theme. The cons theme this year is “save the world”. Hmm.
  • I worked on and made some edits to the sack boy pattern, so that post will be updated soon.

Seems like a lot of projects to add to my ever growing pile, as usual. Yay!

Oh, and did I mention I have a sweet idea for a tattoo sleeve?

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