Who needs an extra pocket? YOU do.

For some reason, every time I put my hand in my pocket, it comes out with various crumbs and bits of sand.

How does it get there?? Oh yeah, I have a 4 year old. Who always puts s**t she finds into my pockets because she has no more room to carry them in her sweaty little hands. This includes: rocks, weird river clams, sand, leaves, sticks and the occasional snail.

Finally tired of all this nonsense, I decided to make an extra pocket for her to clip and carry. There are several reasons why this is cool.

1. I have way too many scraps of cloth. Those familiar with the quilters union know them as fat quarters. A small handkerchief size of fabric cut from a bolt, usually brightly patterned and like crack for people like me.

2. I have a spare C3po patch that I have no idea what to do with, which is one of my daughters favorite dudes.

3. I have a little bit of that really cool iron-on vinyl to use up

Oh, who’s kidding. I love it when she puts that stuff in my pockets.

Update – I have sewn this little bad boy and it works great, but it mostly lives attached to my purse via a clippy thing. I have a pattern I came up with and will post final images and details shortly.

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