Robot Dude AKA Sack Boy

My daughter loves LittleBig Planet. The first time she saw it, age 2, she was enraptured with little Sack Boy.

“Make him jump, make him jump!!” she’d yell. “Okay, let’s jump this little dude over this hill….” I’d say, and I would jump over something, much to her delight. Oh, how easy it is to entertain a 2 y/o.

Some how, she hung onto the “little dude” title (probably my fault, I tend to call all little things “little dudes”) and her brain equated Sack Boy to a robot – so Sack Boy is affectionately known as “robot dude” in our house.

She had begged and begged me to sew her a little robot dude since. She is now 4 and playing LittleBigPlanet Karting (kind of) and we still love to jump the little robot dude over hills.

There are a ton of patterns for Sack Boy out there. Some really great crochet patterns, a few passable knit ones, and a few sewn ones. My favorite by far is the crochet pattern from Nerdigurumi (check out her Big Daddy!) but I want to sew a felted Sack Boy. And make my own pattern.

So let’s see how this rolls!

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